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The buzz word for Perspectives Magazine is “change”

Posted by 1websurfer on July 1, 2009


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I’ve been thinking about the concept of change lately.  Today, July 1, is my birthday–that means a change in my age.

The second change deals with writer’s guidelines.  I’ve been looking for part-time work for awhile now.  And in my experience, the number one “no-no” that companies use to weed out potential employees is found during an interview.  They’ll ask, “Do you have any questions for us?”  If I did not research the company’s history, mission statement, or take an interest in them, my resume ends up in the garbage.

Well, it’s the same with my magazine.  Nothing saddens me more than getting a submission from someone who clearly has not read the guidelines. The time is coming when I will probably end up trashing a good manuscript.  The best way to get my attention is to follow the guidelines.  I even created a bulleted checklist on the guideline website to increase your chances of being published.

The final change deals with the magazine.  I’ve been publishing Perspectives since 2006 and have been waiting for advertisers to come on board and support me.  Nothing has happened yet.  That means the expenses: gifts, mailing and printing costs, cost of buying photos, and writers’ payments come out of my disability cheque.  I suppose I should have researched the pros and cons of producing a magazine first but all that doesn’t matter.

The point is that things are getting financially tight.  I was going to scrap the whole idea but decided against it.  This is my joy.  This is my baby.  This is my passion.  I get so excited–feel so intimate and privileged–when writers share their minds through submissions.  The readers get a chance to escape their stressed-out world for awhile.  The thought of discontinuing the magazine and later seeing, or hearing, the same concept published worldwide just because someone else could afford it–well, I just couldn’t bear it.  My dream-heavy heart would descend like a waterfall, sending thousands of glass splinters across the rocks…

Anyway, I am not quitting.  Perspectives and Christian Perspectives are going forward with or without advertisers.  However, without advertisers, there will be:

  • No gifts.
  • No photos unless the writer is able to supply them.
  • A small financial reward.  I still insist on paying my contributors.
  • The contributor’s copy will be delivered via pdf attachment.  The writer will have to bring it to a printer and have it stapled.

Advertising in Perspectives will be the cheapest anywhere.  And if you advertise in Christian Perspectives, the same ad will appear in Perspectives for the same price.  If you’re a contributor and place an ad, there will be special offers.   Other incentives are planned.

January 2010 is a long way off.  Now that the magazine is uploaded online maybe someone will take a chance and promote their product/service.  I’ll experience a breakthrough and Perspectives will be a first-class literary magazine.

The bottom line is that the future of Perspectives involves change.  I’m not even sure if this post will cause a positive or negative change in the reader’s perspective.  I hope not.  Anyway, thanks for listening.


Feel free to leave any comments.


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