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NEEDED: Stock photo researchers for creative assignments

Posted by 1websurfer on June 5, 2009

I need RF stock photos–preferrably 300dpi and without people.  After June 15th, I search for images that fit the stories/poems (see samples).  Example: I have a story about two raindrops conversing while falling through the sky.  So, I’m looking for an aerial view of raindrops; not raindrops on a window or glass.  I need all the photos by June 24th.  Visit the website and see the object pov’s coming in July 09.  I would send you a list of the objects and story summaries.
Payment: Attribution only
Anyone interested?
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2 Responses to “NEEDED: Stock photo researchers for creative assignments”

  1. Heather Miller said

    I’d be interested in doing some photography, both as stock work and more specifically seeing what I could come up with for particular stories. I prefer to photograph inanimate things anyway and this would give me an excuse. Drop me an email with more details on what you need and I’ll pass along some of my work so you can see what you might be in for.

  2. Flash said


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